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weirdass's Journal

13 June
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acting, adult swim, afi, afireinside, alcohol, anarchy, anti-flag, art, attempting to kill clowns, b-52s, badminton, beastie boys, being weird, billy idol, billy talent, black, black cats, black flag, blood, bob dylan, bob marley, books, bracelets, candy, cheese, cheshire cat, chucks, clothes, clowns are evil, dances, dancing, david grohl, day dreams, dead kennedys, distillers, dr. seuss, drawing, dreams, drums, duran duran, edgar allen poe, emo, eurythmics, exploited, eyeliner, fear, fearing clowns, foo fighters, friends, ghosts, grand theft auto, green day, grunge, halloween, hardcore, harry potter, head banging, hoodies, horror movies, ice, insane clown possie, insanity, internet, irish accents, jack skellington, jimmy eat world, jimmy fallon, johnny depp, kissing, kurt cobain, led zeppelin, lemony snicket, liberty stacks, lip piercings, loudness, make up, making out, marilyn monroe, marylin manson, metallica, mints, misfits, mohawks, moshing, movies, muffin man, music, my friends, necklaces, nerds, nightmares, nirvana, nofx, old music, old photos, oldies, orlando bloom, outkast, patrick star, pennywise, photography, piercings, pink, plaid, poetry, punk, punk music, punk rock, queen, ramones, rancid, randomness, reading, rocky horror picture show, rollerblading, safety pins, scaring old people, sex pistols, shoes, sid vicious, ska, skulls, snl, spikes, spikey hair, spongebob, spongebob squarepants, squidward tenticals, stand up comedy, surfing, tattoos, tenacious d, the 80's, the beatles, the clash, the distillers, the misfits, the nightmare before christmas, the ramones, the sex pistols, the vandals, tim burton, toesocks, tom green, vintage, volleyball, webdesign, weezer, weird things, writing